At Pixo, we’ve witnessed the evolution of technology and the transformative power of pictures since our humble beginnings. From scanning photos to the world’s first internet-connected photo frame, we’ve always believed in the magic that people create when they capture a moment. Our journey hasn’t been easy, facing challenges and comparisons, but we’ve had a loyal community by our side, drawn to the emotions unlocked by displaying their cherished memories.

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pixo app pictures from phone to tv

In today’s world, taking and experiencing life through pictures has become second nature. Photos have become an extension of our personalities, allowing us to explore and connect with the world. However, these meaningful images often remain hidden, lost on our phones, buried amidst countless others. We believe that exceptional photos deserve more than a fleeting glance on social feeds or a swipe on a small screen—they deserve to be proudly showcased in our lives.

We are driven by a deep passion for pictures. Whether they are old or new, professional or social, each one is unique and tells a story. We firmly believe that experiencing these stories is truly magical, and the best way to do so is by displaying them. That’s why we created Pixo—to transform screens into captivating showcases of amazing experiences, like visual music.

pixo app pictures from phone to tv

We are experts in this space. We live and breathe it. Our dedication to pictures has been unwavering. And now, we want to share the magic of Pixo with you.

Welcome to Pixo!

Our Mission:

Every day, we strive to surpass our previous achievements. We are constantly searching for innovative ways to help people discover, view, and share the world’s vast collection of pictures.

Our Values:

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Our new and distinctive experience is designed to be accessible to everyone. It caters to a broad audience with diverse interests, desires, and technical understanding.



We celebrate the innate curiosity within every human being. We aim to support the exploration, learning, and inspiration derived from the world around us.

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Relationships play a vital role in shaping who we are and who we aspire to be. By facilitating connections, sharing, and growth, we strive to foster the development of meaningful relationships.

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Stories possess incredible power and meaning. They have the ability to delight, touch, teach, recall, inspire, and motivate. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy these aspects of life.

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